Do any findom sites offer online training or tutorials for individuals interested in becoming a dom?

Do any findom sites offer online training or tutorials for individuals interested in becoming a dom?

As the world becomes more digitalized, traditional power dynamics and sexual relationships have taken a new turn, leading to the emergence of different subcultures. One of those that have been gaining a lot of attention recently is the phenomenon known as financial domination or findom. Essentially, it’s a power dynamic whereby a submissive individual (known as a ‘pay pig’ or ‘money slave’) gives money, gifts or other valuables to a dominant partner (a ‘findomme’ or ‘money mistress’) as an act of submission.

However, findom is not for everyone – it requires a specific skill set, mindset, and approach to be successful. Not everyone who wants to become a findomme has the natural inclination or knowledge of how to dominate a pay pig. Consequently, online training or tutorials for individuals interested in becoming findommes have come as a necessity. But, do any findom sites offer such training, or is it just a matter of trial and error?

The answer is simple: yes, there are findom sites that offer online training to individuals interested in becoming findommes. Such training is usually in the form of instructional videos, audio courses, webinars, and other online educational materials. The training aims to equip aspiring findommes with the necessary skill sets, mindset, and knowledge required to become a successful findomme.

The training offered by findom sites is usually comprehensive and covers all aspects of the findomme-submissive relationship. It allows aspiring findommes to acquire the psychosocial skills required to dominate a submissive partner effectively. The training generally covers the following;

1. Understanding the psyche of submissive individuals: To become a successful findomme, you need to have a deep understanding of the submissive personality. You need to understand what motivates them to give, what they want to achieve from the relationship, and how to exploit their desires to your advantage.

2. Developing a brand identity: Findomme training equips you with the skills needed to develop a unique brand identity. This will enable you to stand out from the competition and allow you to attract more pay pigs.

3. Effective communication and negotiation skills: Communication is an essential aspect of the findomme-submissive dynamic. You need to have excellent communication skills to negotiate the terms of the relationship, set boundaries, and give instructions, among other things essential for the relationship’s success.

4. Developing a pricing strategy: The best findommes usually have a clear pricing strategy for their services. Findom training will help you develop a pricing structure that adequately reflects your skills and experience while being attractive to potential pay pigs.

5. Understanding payment methods: One crucial aspect of financial domination is the payment method. You need to understand the different payment platforms that pay pigs use and how to use them to receive payments from subs.

6. Mental preparation: Findomme training equips you with the mental and emotional tools necessary to handle the power dynamic of findom effectively. You will learn how to maintain boundaries, respect your subs, and avoid any emotional attachment, among other things.

Overall, online training or tutorials for individuals interested in becoming findommes are available on several findom sites. The training enables aspiring findommes to acquire the necessary skill sets and mindset required to become a successful findomme. The training covers various topics, including understanding submissive personalities, developing a brand identity, effective communication and negotiation skills, developing a pricing strategy, understanding payment methods, and mental preparation, among other things.

In conclusion, financial domination is not for everyone, but if you find yourself drawn to it, take the time to learn about it, and if it’s something you want to pursue, there are online resources available to get you started on this journey. So, for anyone interested in becoming a findomme, seek out one of these valuable training resources, and remember to take care of your subs and honor your relationships along the way. Visit Here

Are there any particular findom sites that cater to individuals seeking long-term sub-dom relationships?

Findom, or financial domination, is a fetish where one person (the submissive) gives financial control to another person (the dominant). This can range from sending small tributes to large amounts of money, all with the goal of pleasing the dominant partner. While some view findom as a one-time transaction, others seek a more long-term sub-dom relationship. So, are there any particular findom sites that cater to individuals seeking such a relationship?

The answer is yes, there are some findom sites that prioritize long-term sub-dom relationships. However, before diving into those specific sites, it’s important to understand what makes a long-term findom relationship different from a one-time transaction.

In a long-term sub-dom relationship, trust and communication are key. The submissive must trust that the dominant will use their financial contributions wisely and only in ways that have been agreed upon. Likewise, the dominant must communicate clearly their values and boundaries to ensure that the submissive feels safe and comfortable handing over control. This type of relationship can also incorporate other BDSM elements like power exchange, humiliation, and control.

Without further ado, here are some findom sites that cater to long-term relationships:

1. DommeSub: This site prides itself on connecting dommes and subs in a secure and judgment-free environment. Users must create a detailed profile with specific interests and limits to ensure compatibility with potential partners. DommeSub also offers a messaging system and live webcam shows for added personalization.

2. PiggyBankGirls: This site focuses on female domination and offers a variety of services, including findom, femdom hypnosis, and financial blackmail. Users can browse profiles of dominant women and sub men, and filter their search according to preferences like language and location. PiggyBankGirls also allows users to sell personal items or services to their partners, further blurring the lines between financial and sexual domination.

3. Collarspace: While not strictly a findom site, Collarspace offers a platform for BDSM members to connect and explore their kinks in various ways. Users can create detailed profiles and search for partners based on a wide range of criteria, including sub or dom tendencies. The site also includes a forum section for discussion and education on BDSM topics.

4. As the name suggests, this site is dedicated to the findom fetish and offers a variety of options for both subs and doms. Users can search for partners based on preferences like age and location, and can filter their search to only view those looking for long-term relationships. also offers a messaging system and video chat feature for personalized communication.

5. MyFetishLive: This site offers a broad range of kinks and fetishes, including findom. Users can browse profiles of both sub and dom partners, and can narrow their search according to preferences like experience level and kink interest. MyFetishLive also offers a live streaming platform for users to connect in a more intimate way.

Overall, while there are certainly findom sites that cater to long-term sub-dom relationships, finding the right match takes time and effort. It’s important to be clear about your own boundaries and desires, and to communicate those with potential partners. Trust and respect are crucial for a healthy and sustainable long-term findom dynamic.
Visit to learn more about best findom sites. Disclaimer: We used this website as a reference for this blog post.

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